New Recipes!

I added recipes and pictures for No-Knead Sourdough Bread and a simple Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia. Check them out under the Recipes Tab! I also posted in Front Porch Forum, asking if people would like to pick up some of my sourdough starter and letting them know the instructions are on this website. So many people are turning to the comfort of bread-making in these times, and with a dearth of yeast, sourdough is not only a great alternative, but may become your go-to recipe as it is in our home!

2 Replies to “New Recipes!”

  1. What a great site you have and what a blessing you are to your community. It is interesting how you changed the original recipe for the mixing part. I am going to try that tonite. One other thing, tho, your instructions say use the paddle to mix the dough but you are using the dough hook. I don’t mean to be a pain but I know you want to have everything matching. Just so you don’t think I am just a meddler, I will tell you I was a caterer for 50 years and I have taught cooking and Master Food Preserving classes for about 40. I just was never a bread baker. Actually I don’t do much baking at all, I tend to eat everything I make more than I should. Please be safe in these trying times. I’m off to make my dough Best Sam o >


  2. Hi Sam,
    I am glad you are finding the website helpful and good for you to experiment! You are correct about using the wrong name for the dough hook in my video – I am hoping to correct the video soon and meanwhile thanks for clarifying!


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