Please join me in the Community Bread Fairy Movement!

My first order ready for delivery!

This Bread Fairy website was created in order to invite others who have a passion for making (and of course eating) homemade bread, a love of connecting with new people, and a bit of time on their hands, to join me in making and delivering free homemade bread to their fellow community members who are being negatively impacted by Covid-19.

I will be putting everything you might need on this website to get you started, including the ad I first posted in Front Porch Forum on March 23 which got this joyous project started, a template to keep track of your orders, my two main white and whole wheat recipes (simple sourdough to come!), and a list of basic supplies and ingredients, with some other supplies listed that I just couldn’t do without any more!

Please contact me if you have any questions at I am happy to do all I can to help you spread homemade-bread-love in your community!