The Bread Fairy has moved to Waitsfield, VT!

Steve and I moved to the Mad River Valley in August and, until recently, cases of Covid-19 were few in our town. With so many talented bread makers offering their wares at Mehuron’s, the weekly farmer’s market, and our local Tempest bookstore from Rick, it didn’t seem like there was much of a need here for free homemade bread deliveries to people isolated or quarantined by Covid. With the numbers significantly rising in the past month or so, we decided to fire up the bread ovens and once again advertised in Front Porch Forum:

My husband Steve and I recently moved here from Williston, where in March we began making and delivering homemade loaves of bread for people who were isolated or in quarantine due to Covid. We created a website called “The Bread Fairy” in which we provided recipes, videos, and instructions for others who might want to start a similar venture in their community. One of my customers, Dawna Pederzani, named me “The Bread Fairy” on Front Porch Forum and recently published a delightful illustrated children’s book of the same name about her family’s experience during Covid. (Please see next post for more about Dawna’s book.)

Sadly, Covid is on the rise here in the Mad River Valley. We want to begin making and delivering bread for those of you who cannot leave your house due to isolation or quarantine… Please copy and paste the following link to place your order: 

Since the posting went up on Friday, we have happily made and delivered several loaves of free bread and have received so many kind messages from townspeople who’ve read the post, with one even offering me a gas fill-up at his store to offset the cost of deliveries (thank you Troy)! It is heartwarming to have landed in such a caring community.

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